Work and Study Hourly Fee and Stipend Fee

Dear Students,

Work and Study hourly fee and Stipend fee for the Spring 2024 academic term are as follows:

W&S fee:

In October 2023, the hourly fee was 38 TL.  It will be 45 TL per hour.

Stipend fee:

In October 2023, stipend fee was 4250 TL. It will be 5000 TL.

We wish you a successful academic term,

Office of Dean of Students

Scholarships Office

Work-Study program is available for only Turkish students because of the government regulations.

This program enables students to earn money by working part-time under different institutions of Koç University. The main purpose of the program is to give students the opportunity of financial aid by teaching them to take responsibility, enhancing their self-confidence, enabling them to recognize university life better.

How to apply for Work&Study Program?

Announcements for the Work-Study Program are made via e-mail at the beginning of each term.

You can apply for the Work-Study Program on KUSIS after application announcements are made.

Academicians and administrative staff, who want to work with you, should register your name on KUSIS in a week.

When you deliver these documents to the Scholarships Office, the program will start for you. Hereafter, you can contact with your supervisor and arrange your own work program.

Once you have approved your privacy and processing of personal data and insurance documents in Students Approvals on KUSIS, your Work-Study process will start.

Working Conditions under Work-Study Program

Applications are valid for only undergraduate Turkish students (ELC students are recognized as undergraduate students).

A work-study program offers you to work only under one institution which you apply on KUSIS. However, it is possible to work voluntarily under another institution without any payment.

The Scholarship Office provides “İş Kazaları ve Meslek Hastalığı Sigortası” for each student who will work under the Work-Study Program. This insurance does not prevent the insurance that you take from your family ( yeşil pasaport, emekli sandığı, etc).

You can work a maximum 20 hours under the Work-Study Program. At the beginning of each term, payment per hour will be announced via e-mail.

Payments will be done on the last day of each month. Before payment, we need to see your supervisors’ approvals for your working hours on KUSIS for each month. If your supervisor does not give approve your working hours at the end of the month, unfortunately, you can not take payment in that month. You can follow this process on KUSIS/My WS Records.

The academic institutions that you can work under the Work-Study Program:

  • CSSH:  Collage of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • SOM: School of Medicine
  • CASE:  Collage of Administrative Sciences and Economics
  • CS: Collage of Sciences
  • LAW: Law School
  • CE: Collage of Engineering
  • SON: School of Nursing
  • ELC: English Language Center

Administrative Departments and Other Employment Opportunities under the Work-Study Program:

  • Administrative Departments of CSSH, SOM, CASE, CS, LAW, CE, SON, ELC
  • Computers and Information Technology/CIT
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Corporate Relations and Development
  • Office of Comptroller
  • Human Resources
  • Office of General Secretary