University and Beyond: Life Skills for Young Adults (2015)

Esra Tuncer, Muhsine Itır Özgen, Rengin Işık, Pınar Özbek, Bülent Kılıç

ALIS 100 (Academic and Life Skills) course is being offered at Koç University since 2010 with the goal of assisting young adults in developing and enhancing the skills that are essential in university and also in professional life.

‘University and Beyond: Life Skills for Young Adults’ targets young adults, educators and families, and blends related theories with exercises and in-class activities.

In addition, the book contains special notes for educators, who wants to implement the course as a whole or some of its topics or activities. In this aspect, University and Beyond: Life Skills for Young Adults can be seen as a handbook for lecturers, teachers, guidance counselors, psychologists, peer counselor and anyone else who work with young adult in various settings.

With our book being published at the end of 2015, we envision other universities in Türkiye starting to implemet ALIS 100 and its derivatives to their curriculum. As ALIS faculty, we are open and very excited to share our knowledge and experiences with you and your institution. If you are interested, please send us an e-mail at

Transition to Professional Life through Experiential Learning: An Undergraduate Course, “Palgrave Handbook of Experiential Learning In International Business” (2015)

Bülent Kılıç, Rengin Işık, Esra Tuncer, Pınar Özbek, Muhsine Itır Özgen

‘ALIS 350- Transition to Professional Life’ course aims to assist undergraduate students during their last semesters at the university for a well-papred transition to professional life via discussing essential topics and skills in work life and career.

In this handbook, ALIS faculty shares the course structure and experiential learining approach as a chapter together with their own experiences and challenges.

Edited by V. Taras ve M. Gonzelez-Perez, this book is a valuable resource including both theories and examplary practices. Managers and educators, who are looking for ways to incorporate experiential learning approach into their projects may benefit.