UNIV. 101 – Introduction to Koç University is a 1 credit year-long mandatory orientation course offered to incoming students. UNIV.101 aims to help incoming students to successfully transition from high school to Koç University and undergraduate academic and social life

  • Upon the completion of this course, the students are expected to:
  • Acquire effective study skills based on individual needs;
  • Establish productive relationships with their newcomer advisors, mentors, faculty members, and staff;
    Have a sense of community with other students;
  • Identify Koç University services and resources to address their specific academic and social needs; and
  • Become an active part of the student body by consistently participating in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Each incoming student is assigned an upper class mentor student and a newcoming faculty advisor. Mentor students provide one-on-one encouragement, support, guidance, and information regarding college procedures, support services for students and campus life.  Through support by their newcoming faculty advisors, students manage their transition to Koç University, identify their academic goals and plans, interact with full-time faculty and create a sense of community with other students.

UNIV. 101 Activities

New Student Orientation Week:

New Student Orientation program is organized by the Dean of Students Office for incoming undergraduate students to facilitate their academic, cultural and social adjustment to Koç University. During the orientation week, mentor students accompany the incoming students. Every incoming student completes the orientation program with his/her mentor and co-mentee group consisting of 8-10 incoming students.

The three-day orientation program includes the informational sessions regarding academic units (Colleges and Departments) as well as the Newcoming Advising Office (UNIV 101), Library, Office of International Programs (OIP), Office of the Computer and Information Technology (CIT), Koç Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT), Office of the Registrar, Career Center, and Koç University Guidance and Psychological Services (KURES).

Faculty Seminars:

Each College organizes a series of seminars by faculty members and invited speakers. The aims of the faculty seminars are to introduce the students to the areas of study of different departments in each college, foster interactions between faculty members and students, help students develop critical thinking skills and acquire an understanding of how various academic research areas may apply to their professional lives. Each semester, students are required to attend a minimum of 5 faculty seminars.

Student Development Seminars:

Student development seminars are organized with the support of Student Clubs, KOLT, KURES, Career Center, and Library. Student Development seminars aim to promote personal growth and provide students with the tools they need for achieving their academic and career goals. Seminars address a number of issues, including study skills, learning styles, time management, stress management, building healthy relationships, traffic safety, and career planning. In addition, through events organized with student clubs, students were provided with an opportunity to get acquainted with different arts and crafts as well as acquire different skills.

Driver Safety Seminars:

Injuries from traffic crashes are a major cause of death and disability among college students. With these seminars students gain awareness of the importance of driving task and the responsibilities that accompany it. Seminars focuse on speed limits, use of seat belts, how alcohol use may impair motor skills and driving ability and how cell phone use may distract drivers.

UNIV 101 Grading

Students who complete program activities in their first year receive a Satisfactory grade for the 1 credit course. Students who get an Unsatisfactory grade could continue to complete the missing activities in the following semesters.

UNIV 101 Seminars Program

Students could see the list of UNIV 101 seminars and register for seminars at . Students should use their KUAIS IDs and passwords in order to log in. Seminars are updated every week. Weekly seminar program is also e-mailed to students every Monday.

Contact Information

Gökçen Zorludemir Baruh, Newcoming Advising Office
Office: Student Center -3, B383
E-mail:   E-mail: