– Students finishing their first year at Koç University (sophomores) may apply for this scholarship if their families have a dramatic change in their financial status which induces difficulties to pay the university fee.

– Applications are evaluated by the Committee of Need-Based Scholarship and the Committee offers full or partial scholarship to the students for the semester that they apply for.

– International applicants are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

– Every year applications are made during January, June, and July.

– Need-Based Scholarship is not granted for summer school.

– There are no additional merit-based scholarships for current students (domestic or international). It is not possible to increase your current tuition scholarship (if any) after you have enrolled as a student regardless of your GPA or other merit-based considerations.

– We advise that you check external scholarships offered by foundations or other institutions that you might be eligible to apply to as a current student. Please note that neither the Scholarships Office nor the International Student Recruitment Team is able to provide specific advice on external scholarships you may be eligible for.