Starting university education symbolizes a critical milestone in the process of transition from adolescence to adulthood. During these years, students take new responsibilities, make decisions that will impact their future lives, individualize and rearrange their close relationships accordingly. This transformation which also includes a developmental progress is accompanied by both positive and negative psychological experiences. Most people need the company of a professional throughout this process to be able to verbalize and understand their experiences. KURES accompanies students in their process of coming to know and realizing themselves, and supporting their personal development. It aims at helping students acquire the knowledge and skills that will help them cope with the academic, social and personal problems they face throughout this process.

Students can consult the Counseling Services when they would like to recieve psychological support or psychological counseling. Some of the subjects that the Counseling Services can help the students with are as follows:

-Difficulties in adaptation to the university life


-Exam anxiety

-Relationship difficulties

-Anger management difficulties



-Problems related to Self-Esteem

-Diffuculties experienced in time management

-Failure to study efficiently

-Concentration difficulties

-Eating disorders

-Loss and Grief

-Family Conflicts

-Fears and Phobias

-Alchohol and Substance use and Addiction

The student defines his/her problem with his/her counselor and develops coping strategies and solutions through the guidance of his/her counselor. If you experience diffuculties in the areas similar to the ones above, please consult the Counseling Center.

KURES’s counseling services are available for the students on both campuses -Rumelifeneri and Topkapı Health Sciences Campus. To get support, all you have to do is to send a short e-mail to indicating your name, surname, department and application request.

Counseling Services Team:

  • Elif Isın I Counseling Service Manager I I (0212) 338 1749
  • Gülçin Yılmaz I Clinical Psychologist / Psychological Counselor I I (0212) 338 1272
  • Büşra Ertekin I Clinical Psychologist / Psychological Counselor I I (0212) 338 2777

In necessary situations, students may be reffered to KUPTEM at the Health Center for short term or long term psychoterapy, psychiatric assessment or psychiatric treatment. The principle of confidentiality is strictly followed at KUPTEM and all the services are free of charge.

To get an appointment, you can call the Student Health Center at (0212) 338-1273 or write to

For emergencies, please call (0212) 338-1100.