ALIS100- Academic and Life Skills  

The aim of ALIS 100 is to increase awareness about skills that are essential for the academic and social lives of the students. ALIS100 has become a mandatory course for all students entering Koç University since Spring 2010 semester, and every academic year approximately 1000 students take this course.

ALIS100 is a 1 credit, pass-fail course. The classes consist of 20 to 25 students and topics are delivered via lectures, experiential learning exercises, and group works.

There are five modules in ALIS100:

University citizenship

  • Self-awareness and Goal Setting
  • Effective Communication and Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills


ALIS350- Academic and Life Skills: Transition to Professional Life

Through experiential learning, simulations and group projects, ALIS350 aims to assist students in discovering their potentials, and to provide them the necessary awareness and skills that are needed in professional life before they graduate.

Considering today’s competitive work life, in ALIS350 classes, students are encouraged and supported to set their professional life goals based on their strengths and gain awareness about the potential areas of development.  Thus, ALIS350 is a student centered, interactive course. During this one semester course, students learn about team membership, advanced relationship management, conflict resolution, goal setting, time management, creative thinking and problem solving, and personal and professional life balance. Throughout the semester, students have many opportunities to put these information and theories in use in their group projects.

ALIS350 is being offered since Fall 2012 term and since then students have carried out several projects under the theme of ‘sustainability’. Some of these projects are as follows:

  • Koç University Zero Waste Program Awareness,
  • Koç University Career Development Center Marketing Activities,
  • Koç University  and Sarıyer Municipality Environmental Awareness and Recycling Brochure,
  • Koç University  Sports Team and Activities,
  • Koç University Carbon Foot Print Reduction
  • KoçRUN