What is Summer Work Program?

It is the programme that you can work during the summer school.

When does the Work Program start and end?

Generally, it starts in the second week of June and it continues until the end of July.

How long can you work?

It is possible to work maximum 10 hours in June and 20 hours in July.

Which institutions can you work for?

During summer you can work under the administrative and academic institutions which are available for application.

Who can apply?

All students who take course in Summer School and do not have any housing problem can apply for this programme.

The opportunity of free accommodation

If the students who don’t take course from Summer School and are going to work with our Faculty Members everyday during the Summer School can have the opportunity to stay in the dormitories without any payment. Students should inform the Faculty members for free accommodation. They will notify the subject to the Dean of Faculty. If the faculty has slots for accommodation, the Dean provides this opportunity to students by informing the Dormitory Office. Each faculty has a quota composed of 10 persons.

Other working opportunities during summer:

Working for the Graduation Ceremony

24-hours Program

Call Center

Communication Office

Comptroller Office

Working in Comptroller’s Office

Registration Office

** Work-Study Program is only available for Turkish students.