Koç University Self Development Service

The Self Development Service of KURES aims to enhance academic and personal development of students, faculty, and staff through educational programs and workshops on a variety of topics. The programs are designed to increase the awareness about issues related to physical and psychological wellbeing and safety of students.  Educational programs for students are planned to address subjects such as stress management skills, nutrition and body image, and healthy relationships.  Other services of Self Development Service include orientation to welcome newcoming students to campus and academic life, consultation services for faculty, staff, and parents to address concerns about the behavior and wellbeing of student by providing educational programs related to student health, and mentorship program to select and educate student mentors to be exemplar fellows to newcoming students.


  • Elif Isın I Counseling Center Coordinator I kures@ku.edu.tr I (0212) 338 1749
  • Gülçin Yılmaz I Psychologist I kures@ku.edu.tr I (0212) 338 1272
  • Hilal Akekmekçi Tunalı I Psychologist I kures@ku.edu.tr I (0212) 338 2777