Selection and Training:

Students who wish to become a Mentor Student can apply till the end of March every year with email through Extracurricular Activities Office. Applicants who pass the preselection are summoned to the Office for interviews. Students who get through the interviews, have to attend administrative and acadmic informing sessions and psychological training. The effectiveness of the program and performance of Mentor students are measured through a series of surveys applied to the Mentees, end of the first semester. Mentor students are paid a certain amount every month.

Traits looked for Mentor Students:

  •  Maturity,
  • A sense of responsibility,
  • Humane feelings and sensitivity,
  • Being social,
  • Academically successful (GPA minimum 2.5, SPA minimum 2.00)
  • Clean discipline record,
  • To have Sophomore, Junior and Senior standing,
  • Residing in dorms

Anticipated Responsibilities:

The Mentors attend supervision meetings led by Extracurricular Activities Office in groups of 10-15 mentors and report all Mentorship activities regularly. Mentors explain in detail University’s academic and administrative mechanism to mentees in their group. They also provide opportunites for the new students to establsih friendships. The mentors support their mentees in these topics throughout the year:

  • Every kind of problem dealing,
  • Managing time and resources,
  • Develoment of effective studying methods,
  • Doing effective research in the library,
  • To introduce University’s administrative units, their functions and opportunities,
  • Acquiring a socail circle,
  • Attending extracurricular activites, in campus and outside of campus,