About student clubs and groups

There are multiple clubs that are formed and run by students which proceeds their activities in coordination with the Extracurricular Activities Office. Students who participate within these clubs can improve themselves in social and academic sense,  hasten their adaptation to the environment of the university and take part in important events, learning how to be a teamplayer.

Among the traditional social events which takes place in Koç University are Intercollegiate Debate Championship, Orientation Days, rock, jazz and classical music concerts organized by Music Club, Intercollegiate Dance Festival, Intercollegiate Folk Dance Days, Social Activities KatılSAKKonuşSAK Days, Sevgi Gönül Theatre Days, Spring Festival, Slugishness Fair, the Graduation Ball, IT Days, Room Theatre Days and Short Films Festival.

The clubs also organize conferences and interview sessions on a broad selection of topics such as, economy, business, psychology, international relations, history, sociology and many more.

For your questions, please contact to incampus@ku.edu.tr