Sports Activities

Koç University realizes the importance of sports in the academic and personal development of students. The experience of competition, responsibilities of sportsmanship and benefit to physical and emotional health are of great value. The new Semahat Arsel (gymnasium) sports center is a large multipurpose building with a capacity of 2000 spectators, having a 1500 meter squares main hall used for basketball, tennis, volleyball and handball besides squash and racquetball courts, a two-floor fitness center and an aerobics-step studio. There exist an outdoor tennis court and a soccer field.

The active teams of Koç University are Basketball (Men and a Women), Soccer (Men), Badminton (Men and a Women), Tennis (Men and a Women), Steps (Women), Handball (Men), Volleyball (Women), Skiing, and Carting.

The teams have brought championships home. The men tennis team ranked the first and the women tennis team ranked the second in the national university wide 2. League. The Carting team was the champion in the national competition.

Our teams have participated in five national tournaments and have not ranked below six. The soccer and basketball intramural tournaments have been exciting events with the participation of totally 510 players.